Featured Artist – Tracey-Ann Morris

Tracey-Ann is the resident artist at the gallery and explores memories, emotions and places through abstract expressionism, landscapes and figurative works that convey the inner journey we are on.

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Aimee is an emerging artist that does bold abstract expressionism and contemporary figurative works that reflect her emotions and surroundings.

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Alain is an abstract photographer influenced by the feng shui principles of rock, water and wood which represent resilience, growth and future.

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Andrew uses contemporary resin materials with traditional geometric abstract designs to create highly reflective surfaces and patterns.

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Astrid maps the vast contextual layering of the earth and the interconnectedness of human life with flowers, trees and all living things. Harnessing ancient, historical and contemporary references Astrid goes deeper into her subjects, often painting instinctually. Click here to view her paintings

Basia paints with energy and vibrance in abstract expressionism pieces, as well as painting calm watery abstract scenes of our coastline

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Brett Whiteley (1939 – 1992) was one of the most famous contemporary Australian artists. Known for his alter ego paintings and nude figures, he explored the abstract and the modern perception of self.

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Carmel looks within for the spiritual message she portrays in her abstract works. She explores the notion of the true identity and self.

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Charles Blackman (1928 – 2018) was one of the most famous Australian artists. Known for his ’Alice in Wonderland’ series and ’Schoolgirls’ series, he portrayed the innocent figure and the journey of life.

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Dave is inspired by our coastal lifestyle and our colourful environments from wine regions to orchards to wildflowers.

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David interprets the Fremantle buildings, textures, lifestyle and colours into his abstract works, like a living journal of life’s experiences.

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David is influenced by our land, water and environment. His distinctive style captures a colour palette that we can recognise, bringing memories of places we frequent.

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Dean is influenced by our structural environments like cities, buildings and farmlands. These are represented in geometrical compositions and colour blocks.

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Deborah’s mixed media paintings have a fun, vibrant and energetic presence, influenced by her African homeland and her new Australian homeland.

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Di is an emerging artist, and is influenced by the nature at her property in the hills and expressing her feelings about our society.

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Dianne is an emerging artist, recently adopting the abstract style to express her surroundings and inner feelings.

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Donna is an emerging artist and is inspired by people and and the inner self, emotions and well-beingness.

Elisabeth’s works are about energy and matter and how it can be viewed in the micro and macro. Elisabeth is also influenced by our rich colours in norther W.A.

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Elizabeth Durack (1915 – 2000) is one of Australia’s famous female artists, known for her portrayal of indigenous communities and W.A landscapes.

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Emanuel Raft (1938 – 2016) was a well-known Australian contemporary artist, influenced by his Egyptian and Greek background. He was also a jeweller and his art uses metals and materials to express his stories.

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Eugene is an emerging artist influenced by his coastal surroundings and structures along the coast.

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George is a well-known Perth artist that paints both traditional and abstract landscapes. He loves portraying the mood and atmosphere with colour and composition.

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Gerald is a Busselton artist inspired by the rich colours and textures of the rural region and coastlines.

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Gladys is a well-known West Australian painter, papermaker and printmaker, inspired by her travels. Her colour palette is well known with pastels and red ochres.

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Holly is an emerging abstract art that is influenced by simple expression of complex thoughts or landscapes to convey beauty and simplicity.

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Hui-Jyu uses her design background to create unique abstract paintings that are about her experiences of everyday life, whether walking home going to the beach.

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Jacqui is an emerging artist that is inspired by our emotional response to events in our life, telling the story through abstraction.

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Jayne is a mid-west artist influenced by the colours and of the region that stretch from the coast to the desert.

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Jeanette is a well-known Kimberly artist that uses the ochres from the region to paint abstract landscapes. Inspired by Juniper, Jeanette captures his essence in her works along with her memories of living in the region.

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Jennifer is a well-known Fremantle artist that paints a range of abstract styles – landscapes, figurative, colour block and expressionism. Jennifer paints from the heart to express stories and emotions.

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Joanne is a well-known Perth artist with an established style of atmospheric landscapes that evoke emotion and meaning in our life.

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John Coburn (1925 – 2006) was a well-established Australian artist. that uses spiritual symbols and concepts to convey concepts about life Known for the curtains in the Sydney Opera House, John’s work features in many collections.

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John’s approach to his art was like an explorer, visually documenting his environment as he travelled across northern Australia. His abstract paintings capture the colour and light of nature.

Joie’s art is inspired by her childhood memories being around her father’s marine business near the coast. She uses common marine icons and imagery to create an abstract scene or sculpture.

Jude is an emerging artist with a background in textiles and design. She uses a soft pastel palette to depict our coastal life and still life scenes.

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Julie is an emerging artist with an interior design background which inspires her to use colour, shapes and compositions. Julie’s work often tells a story about an aspect of life and our journey in it.

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Kate is a UK abstract artist that has recently emigrated to Fremantle. Her inspiration is the light and colour and space we have in W.A.

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Kay is a well known contemporary abstract artist in Perth with bright, bold expressive paintings. Kay is drawn to the natural world for inspiration and seeks to mesh her senses with her expression.

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Larissa is an emerging artist, using light, shadows and tonal compositions to create textured experiences that relate to our inner thoughts.

Lyn’s inspiration comes from the wheatbelt and Gascoyne region in W.A which become paintings or textiles or a mix of both.

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Margaret’s paintings cover a range of style from abstract landscapes to abstract figures and cityscapes. Her work is fun, vibrant and influenced by her love for the coast and water.

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Margaret is a well-known Perth contemporary abstract artist, inspired by our natural coastal objects and colours. Margaret’s work is known for her natural patterns in either bold colour or no colour.

Marika is an emerging artist with a design background which she uses to create collage works and unique compositions exploring colour and texture.

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Michael’s work was inspired by his emigration to rural W.A as a child and responding to the idea of isolation. His more recent works capture a more resolved view of our remote coastal areas in W.A

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Michelle is an emerging artist inspired by the blend and texture of soft pastel colours and their effect on our emotions.

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Moira is a UK artist who was inspired by the Perth and Fremantle environments during the COVID pandemic. Her paintings changed to a much brighter palette with more abstract scenery.

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Murray Gill (1944 – 2022) is a well-known Perth artist inspired by our coastal scenes. He was known for capturing a shed, boats or bathers in his paintings, a key part of Australian life.

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Myra is an emerging artist inspired by our outback colours, wildflowers and desert scenery, expressed in motion and movement.

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Nathan is an emerging contemporary abstract artist based in Fremantle and inspired by our coastal living.

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Paul is a contemporary abstract artist that paints and develops light boxes with moving lights behind his paintings.

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Ric is a well-known Hills artist in Perth, inspired by his natural surroundings and coastal life. His abstract paintings depict the things we love about life.

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Robert (Bob Birch) is an established Australian artist that was inspired by his travels to the Middle East and the vibrant colours that formed his abstract works

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Robyn Leoni Abott grew up in Perth, Western Australia and graduated from Central Metro in Perth. Robyn’s eye for design, composition and colour underpins her work.

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Romaine de Turtoff (1892 – 1990) (known as Erte) became the ’godfather’ of art deco with his most famous works being the alphabet with each letter with made up of risqué figures.

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Sieglinde is a well-known Australian artist who interpreted indigenous stories into abstract art. Her own stories have also been expressed through abstract colours and compositions.

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Sioux is a well-known Perth artist manly for her large-scale murals across Perth and surrounding regions. Sioux also creates contemporary abstracts and electronic art.

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Sophie is an emerging artist that has been influenced by her mother’s art practice, she focuses on colour, bold layering and textures with modern design themes.

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Stephanie is a well-known Perth artist that paints traditional formats as well as abstract paintings. Known for her watercolour techniques, Stephanie also creates watercolour abstracts of our coast life.

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Sue Doorey grew up in Perth, Western Australia and graduated from a number of institutions in design, textiles, painting and fashion.

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Tish Willow grew up in Perth, Western Australia and has gravitated toward the arts from a young age. Tish uses and intuitive approach to her style.

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Tracey is a well-known Perth artist that is inspired by the colours of our rural areas, and the atmosphere they bring which is portrayed in either soft, dreamy landscapes or bold bright abstract landscapes.

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Tracey-Ann is the resident artist at the gallery and explores memories, emotions and places through abstract expressionism, landscapes and figurative works that convey the inner journey we are on.

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