Art Marx Gallery is the only art gallery in Western Australia dedicated to Abstract Art and Abstract Artists

Originally on the historic High Street and art precinct in Fremantle’s West End, Art Marx Gallery cuts a modern edge against the classic architecture.

Opened in September in 2020 during the COVID pandemic, James and Tracey-Ann Morris were determined to open despite the challenges they faced.

Their passion for abstract art and other lovers of abstract and modern art led them to establishing a new platform to promote West Australian abstract artists, closing the gap between traditional and contemporary art.

Art Marx Gallery aims to provide a unique experience with unique abstract art works from professional emerging and established Australian artists, with a focus on cultural exchange with other countries promoting abstract art.

  • All art is original and unique
  • All art is authentic
  • All art is created by talented emerging and established abstract artists
  • All art is personal to you
  • All art is hand-picked for quality

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What is Art Marx?

The name ’Art Marx’ is a play on art ’mark making’ which is how abstract artists describe their process.

They use a variety of tools and materials at their disposal and make intuitive marks with paint and other substances, working from their heart and experiences in life to create an abstract concept.

The Art Marx logo comes from making a mark on the canvas, representing the start of the creative process to produce a work of art.

Exhibitions and Opening Nights

Art Marx Gallery now runs online exhibitions and invites to their Metaverse gallery spaces.

Our art exhibitions were run approximately every four weeks with a theme. We had a mixture of group and solo exhibitions that are carefully curated to give the best experience.

We encouraged our Artists to talk about their inspiration, story or ideas behind their art work and process at the Opening Nights.

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About Our Artists

We select talented emerging and established West Australian abstract artists that fit in with our Art Marx branding strategy.

We feel there is still a gap in presenting such talented artists in Perth and across Western Australia and should have a platform to represent them and their amazing, unique original abstract art works.

We work with our consultants to source only quality abstract art that is going to last, look great in your space and give value to your collection.

Our Artists are invited to participate in group exhibitions. If you would like to know more about our consignment model, click here to contact us.

Abstract Artists can also put in a submission for a solo exhibition, hiring the gallery space to showcase their art works.

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Our Collectables & Notable Art Pieces

We source and sell collectable art works from established and notable artists like Australian artist, Charles Blackman’s ’The Journey’.

These are great investments as well as iconic pieces that will add value to your art collection or even to just enjoy a piece of Australian cultural history.

Other notable artists include: Elizabeth Durack, John Coburn, Emanuel Raft, Brett Whiteley, Wolseley, Robert Birch and more.