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Art Marx Gallery

Situated on the historic High Street and art precinct in Fremantle, Art Marx Gallery cuts a modern edge against the classic architecture. Opening in September in 2020, this gallery caters for lovers of abstract art, modern or contemporary.

Art Marx Gallery aims to provide a unique experience with unique art works from professional emerging and established Australian artists.

  • All art is original and unique
  • All art is authentic - you can even watch the artist paint!.
  • All art is personal to you.

Art Marx Gallery Consultants can also source unique art works for you that is not on display, but available for personal viewing with our Consultant.

Check our Stock Room

What would an art gallery be without some sneak peeks from our stock room!
UNDER $500

Abstract Expressionism by Tracey-Ann Morris

Artwork 1 (AE001) - AU $380

Flame Tree Reflections
Lining the river banks
Bringing warmth to the heart
On a cold winter’s march.

This painting is about walking along the river lined with flame trees in bloom with their bright flowers.

Artwork 2 (AE004) - AU $375

Sunlight over the mountains
Pours light into the valley
A shining becon
Provides profound meaning
In our journey we carry

This painting is about the light shining on the mountain peaks with the golden glow of the sunrise or sunset.

Artwork 3 (AE008) - AU $310

The wind skips across the water
The trees dance
The sun jumps around
The flowers smile in the reflection

This painting is about watching the water and light in the pond, relaxing and enjoying the watery surroundings.

Artwork 4 (AE034) - AU $375

The fiery sky
Spreads over the hills
Into the valley it flies
A moment, a thrill.

This painting is about going for a walk in the hills and capturing the sense of the sun setting as it brightens into a fiery crescendo.

Artwork 5 (AE022) - AU $358

The red phoenix rises
The black bull nods
The time is now
The bear watches on

This painting is about our sense of confidence and strength.
Oil on canvas paper, A3, double frame - cream and bronze.

Our public opening at Art Marx Gallery

13th September 2020 at 2pm

Our grand opening to the public will be the 13th September 2020. Come and see the beautiful artwork at this historic location in Fremantle.

Please note, numbers are limited in the gallery due to social distancing restrictions.

Our proffesional Art Marx Gallery team

We have a passion for art too, so pop in for a chat.

Tracey-Ann Morris

Gallery Owner, Artist & Stylist

James Morris

Gallery Owner

Garry Harty

Gallery Co-Ordinator

Peter Garside

Art Consultant and Curator

Art Marx Gallery Location

Come and visit the gallery in the popular historic town of Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia. We are close to the Round House and next door to the popular italian restaurant Roma's. Otherwise email or call!


15 High Street
Fremantle, Perth

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